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Unmanaged PoE+ Switches

Unmanaged PoE+ Switches

Unmanaged PoE+ Switches from AE Connect are basic plug-and-play devices with no remote configuration, management, or monitoring options. AE Connect offers a full range of Commercial Unmanaged PoE+ Switches that boast a variety of port counts, speeds (including 10 Gigabit), mounting, and fiber. Each PoE+ Switch distributes the power of 30 watts per port, which delivers high-speed data transmission while powering devices over long distances. With a robust design, our Unmanaged PoE+ Switches can provide surge and static protection to ensure consistent operation in irregular and harsh conditions. If you need to simplify your network, deploying AE Connect Unmanaged PoE+ Switches can streamline your management and maintenance practices.

Benefits of Unmanaged PoE+ Switches :

1. Features

Our Unmanaged PoE+ Switches are simply connecting Ethernet devices with a fixed configuration that you cannot make any changes to, often used for small networks or to add temporary groups of systems to a larger network.

2. Performance

The advantage of our Unmanaged PoE+ Switches when it comes to performance is that you can plug and play immediately with your network. There’s no need to set anything up, and it has in-built QoS services to ensure it's working well.

3. Security

Our Unmanaged PoE+ Switches, on the whole, have very basic security. Our PoE+ Switches are secured by ensuring you have no vulnerabilities from system to system. Accessories like a lockable port cover can ensure no one is tampering with the device directly.

4. Application

Size is not the only thing that matters when deciding on the right PoE+ Switch, as you can get PoE+ Switches with any number of ports, both Managed and Unmanaged. However, when it comes to smaller networks, such as those for small businesses, the home, a single office, or so on, Unmanaged PoE+ Switches are more likely to be used.