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PoE+ & PoE++ Injector

PoE+ & PoE++ Injector

AECONNECT PoE+ & PoE++ Injector AE-PS-803 and AE-PI-60 fully complies with IEEE 802.3af/at standard, and can work with all IEEE 802.3af/at PoE+ and PoE++ compliant PDs (Powered Devices), or other equivalent product, to expand your network to where there are no power line or outlet, where you wish to fix device such as AP, IP Camera or IP Phone, etc.

Benifits Of PoE+ & PoE++ Injector :

1. Powers More Devices

PoE Injectors offers a plug-and-play PoE solution, capable of transmitting up to 30 W of output power. With support for IEEE 802.3af/at PoE (+) and Gigabit speeds, the PSE-803 is designed to be deployed in situations with high bandwidth requirements. Adding more power-hungry PoE devices is now easier than ever.

2. Cost-Efficient Flexibility

PoE Injectors saves both installation costs and eliminates the need for dedicated PoE equipment, allowing a single RJ45 Ethernet cable to carry both power and data to the connected device. This PoE solution frees network devices from the restrictions of power availability by removing the need for a local power source. This reduces cable clutter, eliminates the need for dedicated electrical outlets in difficult-to-reach places, and cuts down deployment time.

3. Reliable Connectivity

PoE Injectors intelligently communicates the maximum available current with a Powered Device (PD). This protection feature keeps the device safe from damage by preventing it from powering on in case there is not enough current. This safety feature can also automatically disable the port in the event of an electrical short circuit, or when the current exceeds 350 mA for IEEE 802.3af PoE or 600 mA for IEEE 802.3at PoE