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Patch Cords

Patch Cords

AECONNECT Fiber patch cords / pigtails are one of the most widely used basic components in optical communications. A fiber cable with a connector at both ends is called a jumper and only one connector at one end is called a pigtail.

They are passive components for realizing the active connection of different devices and systems in optical fiber communication, and are an important part of optical fiber and optical cable wiring management systems. It is used in conjunction with the fiber distribution frame, the junction box, and the terminal box to achieve the fusion of the optical cables in different directions. The flexible distribution of jumpers and wiring enables efficient and flexible management and maintenance of the entire fiber-optic.

Benifits Of Patch Cords :

1. Simplicity

The primary advantage of using patch panels is better to structure and simpler control of your wired network.

2. Ease of communication

Patch panels make it easy for network administrators to transfer, attach or change complex network architectures by centralizing the cables in one location. Patch panels are a smart way to easily move communication lines from office to office to another.

Because the signal traveling through a fiber cable is contained inside the individual fiber strand, it must be accessed from the end of the cable by cutting into it.

3. Uses

Patch panels are used for companies in places that house telecommunications equipment and play a critical role in network functionality.