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Media Converters

Media Converters

The media converter is a device for signal conversion, usually referred to a fiber optic media converter. The emergence of optical fiber optic media converter converts twisted pair electrical signals and optical signals to each other, ensuring smooth transmission of data packets between the two networks.

Benifits Of Media Convertor :

1. A bigger network

Media converters can increase the quality and power of your access and support a fast and rigorous network speed. They also allow your network to expand past its current capabilities. Since media converters are basically two different transceivers passing data back and forth.

2. Increased speed

Fiber-based media converters are versatile and maximize functionality at an affordable cost.Media converters let you and all of your network’s users get tasks done in the fastest amount of time possible.

3. Increases functionality

With a media converter, you have the ability to connect fiber systems with copper-based setups. This increases the overall functionality and usability for other products.