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AE Connect Fiber Patch Panel (LIU) Light interface units are extensively used for wired communication networks. The LIUs are used for routing, terminating and managing optical cable terminations. These light interface units can be wall mounted or rack mounted for ease of use.

Benifits Of LIU :

1. Everything Can Be Changed At One Place

Patch panels make it easier to connect different devices in different orders, because all of the changes can be made at the patch panel.

2. Input Ports Are At One Place

A patch panel groups all of the input jacks/ports into one location. This means that devices mounted in racks can be connected without having to hunt around behind the rack or instrument with a flashlight for the right port.

3. Wear And Tear Expense Is Saved

Using a patch panel also saves wear and tear on the input ports of expensive networking equipment such as servers and switches, because all of the connections are made with the patch panel.